In this post, I’ll show you the list of  Courses Offered In EKSU, EKSU courses, or if you have been asking about the list of Courses Offered In EKSU, Ekiti State University Courses, Courses EKSU Offer, EKSU Courses and requirements, EKSU Courses – List of undergraduate courses/programmes offered at the Ekiti State University (EKSU) this post is for you.

At the end of this post, you will know the list of Courses Offered In EKSU, Ekiti State University Courses And Requirements, List of Courses Offered At the Ekiti State University, EKSU Courses And Cut Off Mark, EKSU Courses And Subject Combination.

All the courses listed below are the approved Ekiti State University Accredited courses and there are all competitive.

Having said that, let’s quickly look at the EKSU Courses below.

Courses Offered In EKSU

Courses Offered In EKSU

Below are EKSU Courses And Requirements.

  1. Accountancy / Accounting

  2. Actuarial Science

  3. Adult Education

  4. Agricultural Economics And Extension

  5. Agriculture

  6. Anatomy

  7. Animal Production And Health Service

  8. Arabic And Islamic Studies

  9. Banking And Finance

  10. Biochemistry

  11. Biological Science(S)

  12. Business Administration

  13. Business Education

  14. Chemistry

  15. Christian Religious Knowledge / Studies

  16. Christian Religious Studies

  17. Civil Engineering

  18. Computer Engineering

  19. Computer Science

  20. Cooperative And Rural Development

  21. Crop, Soil And Environmental Science

  22. Curriculum Studies

  23. Early Childhood Education

  24. Economics

  25. Education Accounting

  26. Education Foundation And Management

  27. Education And Accountancy

  28. Education And Biology

  29. Education And Chemistry

  30. Education And Christian Religious Studies

  31. Education And Computer Science

  32. Education And Economics

  33. Education And English Language

  34. Education And French

  35. Education And Geography

  36. Education And Geography / Physics

  37. Education And History

  38. Education And Integrated Science

  39. Education And Mathematics

  40. Education And Mechanical And Automechanic Technology

  41. Education And Physics

  42. Education And Political Science

  43. Education And Science

  44. Education And Social Studies

  45. Education And Yoruba

  46. Educational Management

  47. Educational Management And Planning

  48. Electrical / Electronic Engineering

  49. Electrical / Electronics Education

  50. English Language

  51. English And Literary Studies

  52. Entrepreneurship

  53. Environmental Management

  54. Fisheries

  55. Forestry And Wildlife Management

  56. Forestry Wildlife And Fisheries

  57. Geography

  58. Geography And Planning Science

  59. Geology

  60. Geophysics

  61. Guidance And Counseling

  62. History And International Studies

  63. Hospitality And Tourism

  64. Human Kinetics And Health Education

  65. Industrial Chemistry

  66. Industrial Mathematics

  67. Industrial Relations And Personnel Management

  68. Industrial Technical Education

  69. Insurance

  70. Law

  71. Library And Information Science

  72. Linguistics

  73. Marketing

  74. Mathematics

  75. Mathematics / Statistics Education

  76. Mechanical Engineering

  77. Medicine And Surgery

  78. Microbiology

  79. Nursery And Primary Education

  80. Nursing / Nursing Science

  81. Philosophy

  82. Physical And Health Education

  83. Physics

  84. Physiology

  85. Plant Science And Forestry

  86. Political Science

  87. Psychology

  88. Pure Chemistry

  89. Religious Studies

  90. Science Laboratory Technology

  91. Sociology

  92. Statistics

  93. Theatre Arts

  94. Tourism Studies

  95. Vocational And Technical Education

  96. Yoruba

  97. Zoology

EKSU Competitive Courses

  1. Economics

  2. Guidance And Counselling

  3. Architecture

  4. Civil Engineering

  5. Microbiology

  6. Entrepreneurship

  7. Accounting

  8. Business Administration

  9. History And International Studies

  10. Computer Science

  11. LAW

  12. Mechanical Engineering

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