Are you interested in the Most Marketable Courses in Nigeria? or have you ever asked; What are the Most Marketable Courses in Nigeria?, Which course has more job opportunities in Nigeria?, What are the best courses to study in Nigeria?

If yes, then this post is for you, we are going to show you a list of the top 10, 20 Most Marketable Courses in Nigeria, top best courses in Nigeria to consider, courses that you can easily find a job after school.

The truth is that the course you study at the university, polytechnic, college of education matters that is why we have provided a list of the top 10, 20 best courses in Nigeria to consider in 2021/2022 respectively.

Keep reading friend to discover the top Most Marketable Courses in Nigeria.

Furthermore, there are general perceptions about the value of the courses studied at the university.

Some courses are seen to be useless because career opportunities for them in Nigeria are very low and they are not generally valued while some are seen as very perspective because they already have value in Nigeria and they come with more opportunities than every other course.

Although Medicine and LAW are considered to be the top best courses in Nigeria, this is not true, there are other courses that are quite competitive in nature with thousands of career opportunities which we are going to list below.

Nigerian universities offer an invariable number of courses, However, some courses are way more marketable than others that’s why you should find out the marketability of any course before applying to study the course.

Imagine after wasting 4 years in the University after then no job, quite sad.

It is very essential that every potential student should consider the marketability of a course before deciding to study it at any Nigerian university, it’s for this reason we are providing you with the top Most Marketable Courses in Nigeria as a beginner guide.

The marketability of a course is defined by the chances of getting a job quickly and easily after completing the course.

It is not only about getting just any job but getting a job that pays really well.

Find out the career opportunities available upon graduation that will help you make something good out of the degree.

However, SCHOOLBEGINNER believes that no course is useless.

The truth is that no course is useless. That is just some assumption that people carry about.

If you study or studied in Nigeria, you will agree that the labour market is aggressively selective.

While in other countries your choice of study may not necessarily be a problem, the same choice of study in Nigeria may set you back a few years, largely because of the structures of our educational system and labour market.

Many students today find themselves studying courses that are largely undervalued in the country’s labor market.

For some, the course was given without much of a choice. For others, it was a secondary school favorite and thus, seemed the best option.

Either way, after their first year, these students realise getting a job with a degree in that course may be tough. And that’s where the problem begins.

Here’s what I mean; Med students, know that after school they become doctors or healthcare practitioners. The same goes for Law students.

But when you study a course like Biology, you get asked questions like “So what are you going to do when you graduate? Become a teacher?”

“Your B.A or B.Sc. is not a direct determinant of career success. You can excel no matter what course you’ve studied.

Having said that, there are still some courses considered to be the best courses in Nigeria and there are quite competitive in nature.

Anyways, let’s not go deep into that for now, let’s quickly look at the top 10 most Marketable Courses in Nigeria.

Marketable Courses in Nigeria

Top 10 Most Marketable Courses in Nigeria

Here Are Top 10 Best Courses in Nigeria in 2021/2022

  1. Medicine And Surgery

  2. Law

  3. Accounting

  4. Business Management

  5. Chemical And Petroleum Engineering

  6. Economics

  7. Estate Management

  8. Nursing Science

  9. Agriculture Science

  10. Architecture

Top 20 Most Marketable Courses in Nigeria

Here Are Top 20 Best Courses in Nigeria in 2021/2022

  1. Medicine And Surgery

  2. Law

  3. Accounting

  4. Business Management

  5. Chemical And Petroleum Engineering

  6. Economics

  7. Estate Management

  8. Nursing Science

  9. Agriculture Science

  10. Architecture

  11. Biochemistry

  12. Computer Engineering and Information Technology

  13. Computer Science

  14. Medical Laboratory Science

  15. Civil Engineering

  16. Pharmacy

  17. Mass communication

  18. Political Science

  19. Mechanical Engineering

  20. Theatre Arts

Wrapping Up…

Of course, it’s difficult to be sure that you’ve ever chosen the right degree and, just because there are good job prospects and financial stability at the end of it, it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the right degree for you.

Like we said earlier, no course is useless. go for any course you like provided you have passion and interest in it, give your very best, and make the best out of it.

Thanks for reading our post on Marketable Courses in Nigeria.

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