What does catchment mean in admission? let’s discuss below;

What Is The Meaning Of UNIUYO Catchment Area?

Catchment areas are those states set out by the Federal Government for Federal Universities, that candidates from that state have more chances of gaining admission into the University which they have been specified to be among the catchment state.

Students from the states specified as Catchment states are considered privileged as they have more chances to be offered admission in that school where they are among the Catchment area.

Now that You know what the catchment area is,  what are the catchment area for the University Of Uyo (UNIUYO)? Keep reading Friend!.

UNIUYO Catchment Area
UNIUYO Catchment

UNIUYO Catchment Area

The Catchment Area for the University Of Uyo (UNIUYO) are:

  1. Akwa-Ibom

  2. Bayelsa

  3. Cross-River

  4. Delta

  5. Edo

  6. Rivers

Another set of states which also has more chances of gaining admission are called the Educationally less developed states (ELDS). To see the General ELDS States Click Here.

Let’s assume you know the University Of Uyo Catchment area for admission, let’s now look at the various ELDS state in UNIUYO.

UNIUYO ELDS For Admission

The ELDS Area for the University Of Uyo (UNIUYO) are:

  1. Adamawa

  2. Bauchi

  3. Bayelsa

  4. Benue

  5. Borno

  6. Cross River

  7. Ebonyi

  8. Gombe

  9. Jigawa

  10. Kaduna

  11. Kano

  12. Kebbi

  13. Kogi

  14. Katsina

  15. Kwara

  16. Nasarawa

  17. Niger

  18. Plateau

  19. Rivers

  20. Sokoto

  21. Taraba

  22. Yobe

  23. Zamfara

It must however be noted that this does not mean the UNIUYO does not admit students outside the catchment area rather the catchment areas are given special considerations. 

JAMB admission is defined in areas of merit, catchment areas, and educationally less developed states (ELDS).

Merit 45%, 35% is for catchment area and 20%  to those from educationally less developed states.

The fact is that if a candidate from another state outside the catchment area beats the MERIT cut-off mark of the University of Uyo for the chosen course, he or she will be admitted regardless of the Catchment Policy.

And if you are from any of the catchment States and you failed to meet the catchment cut-off you will not be admitted into the University Of Uyo.


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