Are you looking for a Free Scholarship? or have you been asking; How Can I Get Free Scholarships In Nigeria? How To Get A Scholarship For University, Polytechnic, college? Scholarship tips?


If Yes, then this post is for you. I will be providing answers to all the above questions. Keep reading Friend!.

I understand that many of us have a passion for education, while some wish to study abroad, and yet money is always a setback for some of us.

For some, a scholarship could mean the difference between studying and not studying.

For others, it just helps with the cost of living, and also provides a bit extra to enjoy student life.

There are many scholarships available, and not all of them require you to prove you’re the most academically gifted person on earth.

But they are incredibly competitive. So how do you make sure you get the scholarship or How Can I Get Free Scholarships In Nigeria?

Getting a free scholarship in Nigeria has not been easy and it won’t still be easy even in the next 50 years to come.

The scholarship application is always competitive.

Always apply for scholarships relating to education providers, national government, local businesses, organizations, foundations, and religious groups for other sources of funding support.

Free Scholarships
Free Scholarships

How Can I Get Free Scholarships In Nigeria

Here is how to get a free scholarship in Nigeria.

  1. Always Visit School Guardian Website.
  2. Apply For As Many As You Can.
  3. Ask For Help If You Need It.
  4. Be Confident.
  5. Follow Application Instructions.
  6. Read The Eligibility Requirements Carefully.
  7. Start Your Research Early.

a) Apply For As Many As You Can.

Unfortunately, there is how you apply for a scholarship but due to the high number of applicants you may not be considered but that is not enough reason to give up.

Yes, it takes time. But it’s free money! So make a list of all the scholarships you are eligible for.

Double-check if you have all the right documents to prove your case.

b) Read The Eligibility Requirements Carefully.

If you have questions, ask the scholarship provider to avoid wasting time and effort.

Reading the Eligibility Requirements carefully before applying for a scholarship in Nigeria is very important.

This will help you to determine if you are qualified for the scholarship or not. You don’t just rush to apply.

c) Be Confident.

If the application requires a letter or essay explaining why you deserve the scholarship, don’t be Skeptical.

List all your relevant achievements – not just academic results but also community work, career experience, and awards.

d) Follow Application Instructions.

Before applying for a free scholarship in Nigeria and for you to stand a chance of getting it you must always follow the instructions given before applying.

For e.g, if you are asked to write an essay, If you do not write the minimum number of words, you would be penalized, leading to a lower band score.

Hence, it is really important to check out the instructions before applying for any scholarship in Nigeria.

e) Start Your Research Early.

How Can I Get Free Scholarships In Nigeria? well, it’s simple! Start your research early.

you will need time to find the right scholarships, complete the applications and meet the requirements.

Remember, scholarship deadlines are often a long time before application deadlines so don’t leave it too late!

You can find a complete list of scholarships on many websites in Nigeria, including those awarded by private foundations, or government bodies in the host country.

Check carefully to see if you’re eligible – many have nationality, course, or age restrictions.

f) Ask For Help If You Need It.

If you need to, do not hesitate to call the funding organization and ask questions. You could also go through their frequently asked questions (FAQs) page if they have one.

g) Always Visit School Guardian Website.

Always Visit our Website for the Latest Scholarship applications in Nigeria. It’s FREE!
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