UNILAG Deadline For Uploading Of O’level Result 2021 announced. Details re as follows:

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UNILAG Deadline For Uploading Of O'level Result 2021

UNILAG Deadline For Uploading Of O’level Result 2021

The management of the University Of Lagos (UNILAG) has announced 19th November 2021 as the deadline for uploading of O’level results on JAMB Caps.

According to the management, candidates with no O’level results uploaded on their JAMB CAPS would not be considered for admission in 2021/2022.

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  1. But we haven’t seen our waec results yet
    How will we upload it when it isn’t even out yet

    • How will I upload my O’level result when waec results for 2021 isn’t out yet

        • What happens to those whose results were only released on Monday, 22 November 2021

    • Pls how about a link to the site where I can upload my result. How would appreciate if you can help me with it

        • Omoseni oluwatoyin favour Reply

          I have uploaded my waec result on jamb portal as I was told to do by unilag,but I am hearing that unilag is not admitting students who wrote waec 2021,y weren’t we informed before we were asked to upload our result on jamb’s portal,I wasted a lot of money because I uploaded on jamb’s portal,unilag should please have mercy on us na.

            • Odey Favour Reply

              When unilag said we should upload our result on jamb caps I uploaded my neco result because waec result wasn’t out then, so I then changed the result on my jamb caps to my waec result after some time. I just want to know if nothing will happen now that I’ve changed it

    • This is for everyone that hasn’t uploaded their O levels yet

      Weac will be out on Monday and deadline is on Tuesday, so you can still upload

  2. If we’re still waiting for our waec results, let’s connect on 09060257012 probably we should go to the school and face them to consider us

  3. What about those of us that are yet to write Gce exams talk less of getting our results?😔

  4. I think it will be very unfair to thousands of students whose hope is to enter unilag not to be given enough time to get their results and upload it,many passed the post jamb exams and should be given enough time to get and upload theirWAEC just as those that have their WAEC result already.

  5. It’s injustice not to give all those who did the post jamb exams and passed equal opportunity to gain admission.

    • It’s even fraud to not have given us this information before the Post-UTME, we would have held on to our monies.

  6. It seems quite unfair for those who have no o’level result to upload, seeing as the waec result for the 2020/2021 set has yet to be released. I just kindly implore that this should be taking into consideration and that we all should be given an equal chance of gaining admission into the school of our choice.

  7. This is not right I feel, what will be the faith of we that sat for waec 2020/2021 since our results is yet to be released. It will be better if the school admin could sat and deliberate on the issue again to benefit all applicants but it seems confuse to me, if this was supposed to happen then we should have been notify before the POST UTME exam.

  8. Is 21.75 a good admission score for computer engineering in unilag

  9. Olajide Williams Reply

    Sir, am awaiting my o level waec and I passed both my JAMB and UTME.
    I pray Unilag give us a grace period

  10. pls I’m having headaches cos of this o level results, waec isn’t put how possible I upload my results please can someone help me

  11. and the deadline is today in my nabteb exam my maths and economics are pending I would have uploaded that one pls what do I do

  12. Olugbemi Shakiru Reply

    Sir, am awaiting my o level waec and I passed both my JAMB and UTME

    • The truth is that once WAEC is out, immediately you upload it and there is still a quota for your course you do be considered for admission. Despite beating the cut-off; you can only be denied admission if there’s no more quota for your course. In this wise, those with their results ready will have an advantage over you.

  13. What I heard about the uploading of o’level result for we awaiting our SSCE result I’d that, unilag are using this opportunity to strip off a lot of aspirant as they only need 30% to be admitted.

  14. Please when I was registering for post utme I already uploaded my neco results on the unilag application portal do I still need to upload it to jamb separately

  15. Good Day,
    For the people that didn’t write NECO what is the plan for them. And WAEC result is not out now

  16. What happens to those whose results were only released on Monday, 22 November 2021

  17. The school really need to consider those students who were awaiting waec result 2021

  18. Udonta Israel Reply

    What unilag is doing is really unfair
    I’ve wasted money on uploading my o’level result
    If I knew this was going to happen, I would have done change of institution

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