Congratulations on successfully completing your NECO 2021 Exams, the next question now is; “When Will NECO Result Be Out For 2021? Is NECO Result 2021 Out?

Well, If you are interested in knowing when NECO 2021 result will be out then this post is for you as we are going to show you when NECO 2021 Result will be released.


Is NECO 2021 Result Out?

Sorry NO!

NECO Result for 2021 is NOT YET OUT.

Before then, check OutΒ How To Check NECO Result 2021/2022 Online when it’s finally out.

When Will NECO Result Be Out

Now that you know how to check your NECO 2021 Result when it’s finally released, let’s now answer the question.

When Will NECO Result Be Out For 2021?

The registrar and chief executive officer of the National Examination Council (NECO), Prof Ibrahim Wushishi, has promised about 1.3 million candidates writing the ongoing Senior Secondary School Examination (SSCE) to expect their NECO 2021 results in three weeks.

NECO has announced OCTOBER 2021 as the latest date for the release of 2021/2022 SSCE results.

Reason Why NECO Result 2021 is Not Yet Out

According to NECO, 98.5% of the results are ready but due to some challenges faced by the board, the results are delayed and will be released in due course.

The board also apologises for the delay and urges candidates to be a little more patient.


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  1. How did come about the September 29 date you projected for the release of NECO 2021 results. Is the September date sacrosanct, authentic?

          • Titilayo oladele Reply

            Please sir are you sure that the results will be released at October 5th of this month.

          • Adeko Trust Jacob Reply

            Today is 5th, but the result are not yet release why?

            • Abubakar Abdullahi Reply

              In this country there no day neco release your exam untill…

            • What is totally going on am confused and am feedup πŸ˜ŸπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ the neco results as not out this is October 15 and I want to use my results Intime coz what I want to use it for will close by October 20 haaa 😩

        • NECO this is not fair at all
          You’re delaying me for crying out loud haha

        • Adnan dankane Reply

          Sir are you sure that on 10th of October the results will be out.

          • Today is 10th…nd we still haven’t gotten our results 😭

        • Okpara Goodness Reply

          Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
          From 29 to 1st
          From 1st to 5th
          From 5th to 10th
          From 10 to 12thπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          • Ibu Solomon Reply

            Abbeg ooh dis thing don tire me ooh since all these days no results where is our reult ooh abbeg

          • Then from 12 to this week, from this week to the whole of OctoberπŸ˜‚

        • AGBO JOSEPH CALEB Reply

          according to the above statement, it will be released on the 12th October been today, Tuesday.

        • Duru Praise Chinazaekpere Reply

          Please when is the result coming out this is 5th of October already . Please na I need my results

        • Nawaoo for neco from 5th October to 10th am tired of waiting
          Please release it am eager to see my result

      • ahmad uzairu muaz fala Reply

        today is 12th of october then the result is not release so why

    • Femilayo Γ€gbΓ©joyΓ© Reply

      Yes… If September 29 has been posted before now, I think it’s right because NECO result is expected to be out forty-five (45) days after the last paper. Personally, I have also calculated it to be thirtieth (30th) but came across a post that says September ending or first week of October. Let’s just be calm as we will be hoping it’s out at the stipulated time…Thanks.

    • Adindu chioma lilian Reply

      Pls sir are they going to releasing the result today

      • They said it will be released today but we have not seen anything Reply

        They said our results will be posted today but we have not seen anything

    • Jimoh Bowofola Reply

      What’s the problem with this body. Looking at the date they finished the last paper. The results supposed to be out as at today. There is Nigeria factor in all aspects. Same.

    • Marakisiya Muhammed Reply

      Thank you very much sir but please if the results is not release by the 10th of this month please you should drop a message please thank you very much for your time

    • Adekunle obafunke precious Reply

      When I check my results it show candidate not recorded for ssce. Why please

    • Daniel Jonah Abutu Reply

      What is the course of delay? Neco registra promised that three weeks after the last paper, the result will be released

    • This body can’t stand by promise made. Unlike Waec . I never expect something better from them.

  2. James Banigo Reply

    Please what is the tendency of this result coming out 29th September? Hope it will not be postponed ?

  3. gaddafi bello Reply

    please notify me if the result release i have gift for you send me your number to my phone 08149113978

  4. Lucky Ma'aji Barnabas Reply

    Notify me when the results is officially out pls

  5. Josiah Istifanus Reply

    Enter your comment here..when the neck result would be out

  6. Pls can we check d result without scratch card Reply

    Can we check d result without scratch card

    • Ganiyu Sulaiman Reply

      Please when the results neco 2021 /2020 out please notify me

    • Few days ago, I sent them an email to know what’s the cause of this delay and also to let them know that people paid for that exam and for one purpose or the other. Admission exercise has commenced and people are waiting for the result to upload on the jamb portal..
      Guess what; they only reply me by saying; we’re sorry for the delay, the results will be released very soon..
      In my own opinion, this is to show that the new neco head is not competent and need to be changed immediately.. they’ll keep delaying us until we take this complain to the next level or we send our concerns to the National Assembly. That’s my take on this for now..
      Never like this before in the history of neco. What rubbish!!..

  7. Yusuf muhammad Reply

    Sir we are waiting oure 2021 neco result to uppload it pls when it will be out?

  8. Nwabuisi Alfred Reply

    Enter your comment here..please notify me when it is out sir

  9. Emmanuel ubon james Reply

    Pls sir i will not be happy if the date of bringing out the result will be postpone…..
    for that,
    when it is out notify me pls because i follow wrote the exams

    • Jimoh fola Reply

      What’s the problem with this “neco body”. Could you imagine that this is two months exactly the we part away from the local exam and yet the result is not yet out. Thank God I registered my daughter for waec. Let the body keep the result till next year.

  10. Sherif oladipupo Reply

    When will result for 2021 neco be out? I can see in 29 September before but now October again what is happening pls?

  11. danlami Jan golmwen Reply

    please, but is there any problem with neco examination result!

    • mustapha sanusi Reply

      may god help us all an how can i gate scrach card if any contact me pls 09123860894

  12. Why the date of releasing the 2021 NECO result postponed?
    Oh! Allah help all the candidates to see good results

  13. Please what about those who have already purchased the token online can it still be used by that October??

    • Marcy ❀️ Reply

      I honestly feel like waec results will come out before neco results with the way things are going…and it’s already very irritating because most of us need to it for our admissionπŸ™„

  14. Please I really need the result sir just notify me want the result his out

  15. ambassador Reply

    In october which day they will release the result tell us the day

      • abdullahisulaiman Reply

        Enter your comment here.._please i your sure 5thOct afternon removing the all candidate.?



  17. Adeniran Oluwanifemi Reply

    Is it true that NECO results would be release on the first week of October?? I prayed we come out in flying colors, Amen.

  18. Horsfall hilda Reply

    Will The Result Be Sent To Our Email Address?

    Please Sir Inbox me Through My Mail.

  19. Christopherzachariah Reply

    Sir, immediately when the results is out just notify us.

  20. Lawrence precious Reply

    Thank so much sir..we will b expectin our results released as from next week….pls kindly update me on this .fnk u

  21. Tyav Torkuma Emmanuel Reply

    I pray that let the date be what I’m seeing oo, and i have a complain, i try to purchase a token on the site and the debit my account with out given me the token.

  22. Hope this date won’t be postponed again!
    By the way. Sir, are you an examiner??
    I’m asking because I don’t see the dates you post on other websites. And your dates are quite specific, so this has left me wondering.

  23. Abdullahi Sulaiman Reply

    Enter your comment here..i sure for the removing result the all candidate 5thOct2021 afternon

  24. From now till 5th of October will make it 45days God help us πŸ™

  25. AHMAD BZ BZ Reply

    Enter your comment here..they have already ask my question sir we are still waiting our result we hauve done our job the other isleft 2 u

  26. OFFICIAL SAMMYπŸ˜‡ Reply

    Good afternoon to all Jambites and neco candidates 2021.
    Now here’s a quick one, kindly drop your whatsapp number to get added to my whatsapp group in order to get notified about your results and many more. Thank you 😊

  27. Please You Should Release It ASAP
    Cos The Only Thing Delaying My Admission Is The Result

  28. Yahaya Abubakar (Dan-Kanawa) Reply

    I hope Now! NECO couldn’t postponed the date for release the results again, because all candidates are waiting for their NECO result to be released. Oh! Allah help each one of the candidates to see good result by getting nine (9) credit each of them.

  29. Tuesday is the day please baba God help us to rejoice in your presence for this NECO results

  30. Tijani Yusuf Adekunle Reply

    Am egar to see my result because can’t wait to enter school ooo

    • Nwode chikodi obikweru Reply

      Glory be to the God almighty becus I know that I will a good result in my exam

  31. Christiana Augustine Reply

    Enter your comment whaapp number 08105311122


    Pls sir tell us all the truth about the main released date of neck result so many people souls will be happy with u sir I beg u with the name of God tell us the truth

  33. Peter Balat Reply

    So hope we are going to be notified about the result when it comes out by tomorrow

  34. Samaila Danlami Reply

    Enter your comment here..please Are you sure that the results will be out today or not

    • This is unfair , you people should release our results we paid for it , we need our results 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  35. jacenta agiopu Reply

    With God all things are possible. Thank you sir as we await the release of our result today πŸ™


    Pls sir tell us the truth.. Is the result coming out today because many of us the result is delaying our admission and some is for job opportunity, pls sir tell us the truth and God will be happy with u.

  37. We’re looking forward to seeing the result as you promised. But how do we know if it’s released ?

  38. Please who is that oga Joseph, who get his number and let us chat him up

  39. Japheth Tsotsi Andebom Reply

    Today is 5th october that they say 2021 neco result will be out why it is that it still yet to be out?

  40. Please I want to check my own now when am through I will let you people know

  41. Muhammad taoheed Reply

    Please can you send me a notificaition on my email when the result is out?


    Pls I can’t wait I beg because am part of the Neco candidates for 2021 and as you release it may God continue to bless you and may you get promotion and not lack anything in Jesus Name and in the Name of Almighty Allah.

  43. Musa Fadimatu Murtala Reply

    Sir thank a lots, pls sir alert us when ever the result is out,May Allah SWT bless us with His Nasr,ameen.

  44. Mujaheed Musa Reply

    Every day u use to change date why na please we need d result shapaly please

  45. Please sir help us, I have only 1 week left to upload my result 😭😭

  46. Joy Allison Reply

    Please why delay?? Its unfair. Its taking so long, do the needful and give us positive reply. We’ve been anticipating for long.


  48. Please and please oo you people should release our result post utme registration will close soon please ooπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™..

  49. Saharu saidu Reply

    Ohhhhh I need my neco ,,but they should release the results why ooooh

  50. Emmanuel Johnson Reply

    Wen will nda form be out. And what is d cut off mark in nda for business administration???

  51. Nnamdi mmesoma Reply

    Please we really need the results and here is my WhatsApp number 07084360320 to notify me when the results are out



  53. Samaila Danlami Reply

    Enter your comment here..please notify me when ever Neco is out this is my WhatsApp number 07065581186

  54. Today is 10th pls have mercy on us πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  55. Alamin Abdulhamid Reply

    Thanks for the information and I need to be notified when the result is out coz they are always postponding the date but we are still waiting and we pray for 9 As and Bs thank u sir

  56. Mr Joseph, we haven’t heard from you for a while now,

    no info on neco result today?🀷🀷

    • Muhammed rabiu garba Reply

      Only neco results can change my life don’t ask me why please 🀲🏽🀲🏽🀲🏽🀲🏽🀲🏽we need our neco results

    • Mr Joseph you are not with us anymore,

      Abi u don japa as you no get something positive to tell us, i understand my brother this is nigeria, probably the date has been shifted to December,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      It’s not your fault you are just giving information, not like you work in neco office

      • My dear you guys just need to understand, the results are not ready but will be ready this week by God grace.

        • Oshodi Kofoworola Reply

          Which one is we should undrerstand it is dis Neco result dat is delaying my admission
          My choice of university will resume on the 25th of dis month
          What is all dis rubbish naw


    Pls sir we need our neco result to proceed our tertiary registration
    pls sir favour us and favour our studies the posted date for the release of the result is today sir we are waiting pls

  58. Olaoye Immanuel Reply

    Enter your comment here..if You don’t give us our result today thunder go fire neco people

  59. Dangana bwaseh Reply

    Enter your comment here..this neco result Hmmm we haved tired for this information

  60. Elizabeth Eli Reply

    Sir, please do u know why they are postponing the dates?

  61. Please sir help us ooo 😭😭
    I have only this week to upload my result

  62. Ishaq musa yakubu Reply

    His neco is playing with our minds from 30th September to 5th October and today is 10th October and the result is yet not out!!!

  63. YUSUF SALIHU Reply


  64. obiora Philip Reply

    Enter your comment here. I just pray after this delay everyone will pass

  65. Oluwacaleb Reply

    Nawa for Neco oh!!. To me is as if they won hold or let me say chop our result.

  66. True talker Reply

    Sir,i’m afraid but you are not saying truth

    First you said 5th then 10th and now 12th?

    I don’t think this is from NECO but your assumptions.

    we are kids, enough to be your children or your younger brother…. So why would you play with our minds?

    We are just helpless needing something to comfort our heart but surely we are not looking for lies when we come here.


  67. Danladi Tukura Reply

    We are expected to see a good nice result on 12 October by the neco lastest date

  68. Neco has announced 12th of october as the latest day of release of 2021 ssce result

    And on 12, NECO has anounced 15 of oct as the latest day for releasing
    , if tomorrow they didnt releast, i wil nt trust this site again

  69. We should continue praying for a good results not saying when neco results will be out.if the release the results today without completing marking the script, you will start complaining that neco has fail us, mean while you are the that you fail your self

    • Optimistic Reply

      Let’s bet, those people will do the usual thin again tomorrow 🀷🀷

  70. Neco release our result Reply


  71. Sir please will it be released tomorrow??
    If you are not sure of it please stop posting it, the date u are giving us and later get postpone is very anoying, why will neco be doing all this i really need my result πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  72. Enter your comment here..please sir am tired of all this thing oo

  73. God should please help the Neco Leaders out there,Cos I’ve been craving to see my wonderful result to further my Studies before matriculation is ON β€β€β€πŸ€²πŸ™

  74. True talker Reply

    I’m sure results won’t be released until another month

    By 06:00 you’ll hear another lie

    Neco has forgotten about us

    until they’re done with private candidates registration… they won’t remember us since our parents money have been eaten already

  75. True Talker Reply

    We should have whatsapp group

    What do you suggest pals?

  76. Ibrahim Umar Mubarak Reply

    Thanks God
    By the grace of god, today’s we are ready to got our results for neco

    • True Talker Reply

      Today you’ve impressed me for saying the truth

      Neco has NOT yet been released

      Today is 58th day after concluding our Neco exams

      But the Exam body has just forgotten about us

      All they know is money, they don’t care about minors

      Since their children are still studying abroad, what concerns them?

      Our parents money have been eaten, now they are busy collecting another money of registration from external candidates

      Until they are done with them, NECO won’t even remember us.

      That’s why I love WAEC,they are serious and reliable

      I will not give fuck about NECO

      If they like they can hold it till their children studying abroad finish their school

      As a son of poor parents, I don’t care

  77. Good morning sir,I really appreciate your effort sir.To be sincere sir,we are tired of all this, I think the necessary thing must be done .meaning , going on “demonstration” with this they will know that we really need our result.

  78. ooh neco officers wats wrong nah, nw here is the 12th oo and we haven’t seen anything or una wan postpone am again?

  79. Today is 12th and still result isn’t out. What is happening

  80. Pls why have it changed from 12th to this week latest …… Wahs happening nah. Abeg we need our result.

  81. Now it has been announce to this week again nt even 12th anymore

  82. Please for mighty sake I need the result urgently my probational exam is coming up on next week I have to do screening in school and result have not been released failure for board to release result this week am out of school and all the money have paid wasted please and please help me out i suffered a lot before I can get money don’t let my time,money and my effort to get wasted

    • Olisa Israel Reply

      Abeg person don wait tire oo watin dey happen na I really need this result oo Neco abeg realese am abeg time dey go na

  83. Ahmad khabeer bappah Reply

    Pls why are you too hurry about your result and even when it was released today you must for 2022 before entering any university so calm down we know they must release it before 2022 and dont be hurry for but rather pray to see good

    • Sir some of us need it for this year admission and some for work…..Help us sir we really need it

  84. Olabisi Festus Reply

    Please our results now. I need it seriously because admission process has started

  85. Please our results please I beg you my school will start giving admission soon

  86. Oshodi Kofoworola Reply

    What is d problem exactly y will Neco be postponing us like this i need my result urgently I don’t understand all dis rubbish shey they want us to be begging for our result
    This is very stupid of Neco admission process has started and we need dis result

  87. We Need Our Result Urgent Reply

    Nigeria things are always be difference. God have mercy on this country.

  88. So my deadline is tomorrow for me to submit this result for Admission in my department….I’m a DE studentπŸ™

    • We the DE student have lost it 😭😭😭😭

  89. Enter your comment here.. today is 12th sir our neco result as promised.

  90. Amodu Godday Reply

    Am tired of the neco news everyday oo , firstly neco said the result will come out on 5th, on 10th, on 13, now it has been changed to on 14th I go cry oo, hmmmmm.


    What exactly is going on with NECO people
    Everybody needs their result still yet they keep postponing the date. This people are heartless this result is delaying my registration for my HND cos they need account and commerce. Please tell them to release pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssee.

    • Everybody, NECO no fixed any date again o, they just said October 2021, wahala don happen with this neco bayii o

  92. Babatinde Timilehin Reply

    why all the procrastination. NECO should at least pick a particular date for the release of our results rather than bring confusion to anticipating students.

  93. Everybody, NECO no fixed any date again o, they just said October 2021, wahala don happen with this neco bayii o

  94. Everybody, NECO no fixed any date again o, they just said October 2021, wahala don happen with this neco bayii o

  95. Aniedi Hanson Reply

    NECO result is finally out!!!
    Contact me for your NECO token @ N850 only. 09061718332


  96. We Need Our Result Urgent Reply

    Hmmm… Guy’s lets hope neco will release our results before October ending this yr thats all. & if they don’t! Then we don’t care! Let them keep postponed date, they will soon get tire. Who cares, rubbish! Just keep ur mind away from neco results! Either results comes out or not, life still goes on! Taa.

  97. Alamin Abdulhamid Reply

    chaii!😭😭😭 thank GodπŸ™πŸ™, for all this journeyπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ of over 58 day s we are still waiting and even praying for our results to be out
    for each and every day we check for updates the only and the repeated information we are having is that they postponed the releasing date but we pray that our results will be out this week.

  98. Mohammed idrris bawa Reply

    ohh God this Nigeria is jaga jaga wooo
    you better release our results ohh

  99. ATTAH A AMINU Reply

    Why our result is not yet out you say 12th oct and today is 13 i need my result pls and pls

  100. We Need Our Result Urgent Reply

    There is time and seasons for everything! It is neco time to play over our intelligent. But not that too far anymore! Joy will come unexpectedly! Everything happened for a reason!

  101. ELIJAH BY NAME Reply

    They talk about Nigeria situation daily and you people are worsen it, 29th – 1st, 1st – 5th, 5-10th, 10th -12th, 12th -14th and now no date is specify Hahahaha Nigeria, Ok ooooooo.

  102. Idris Adam Shehu Reply

    we are still waiting and pray for a good result.God help us.

  103. Raheematullah Reply

    Have I not enter trouble, I need my Neco result within a week for registration and without O’ level result omo am done for, please πŸ™ please πŸ™ release our Neco result

    • Ok iam tHOLAMI Reply

      Am totally tryed I need my results before October 17 haaaaaa 😩 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 no hope for me again next tomorrow is 16 haaaaaa πŸ˜©πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  104. I thought they said neco will release their result 10th of this month

    • Olanrewaju Reply

      This is not a good country i swear cuz everything jst dey scattered they said neco results will b out September 29 bt til now neco results not yet out is this a good country.

  105. We are still waiting for our result please caretaker help us and released our neco result

  106. Shafiu Usman Reply

    May Almighty Allah put a smile on the faces of those sat for NECO examination when the result is out, to Get an admission to their various schools of their choice!!!.

  107. Shafiu Usman Reply

    May Almighty Allah show us a flying colours in the out coming NECO 2021 result. Ameen

  108. We Need Our Result Urgent Reply

    Guys let us not give up yet! To me, am very sure that we will make it whenever the result is out! It just that our Country is not encouraging!

  109. Chief priest Reply

    They should release the results before coming Friday before Ogun will starts killing neco officers one by one oo πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  110. Please oo whoever is in charge of releasing our neco result should pity us oooo because most of us rely on this result at least 85 percent of us. So we are pleading you we really need this result before 20th of October we are begging you

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