UNICAL Students Lament Over Hike In School Charges And Tough Financial Conditions

UNICAL Students Lament Over Hike In School Charges And Tough Financial Conditions.

UNICAL Students Lament Over Hike In School Charges And Tough Financial Conditions

UNICAL Students Lament Over Hike In School Charges And Tough Financial Conditions

The students of the University Of Calabar (UNICAL) are lamenting the hike in school fees and other levies in the varsity.

Some of the students, who bemoaned the increase describing it as outrageous, insensitive, and anti-masses, predicted that many students would drop out of school as their parents would not be able to pay.

Schoolbeginner gathered that despite the hike in tuition fees and other school charges, the University authorities has given every Student of the University 7-days ultimatum to pay their School Fees, register courses online, and other Dues or defer their admission.

It would be recalled that on the 5th January 2022, UNICAL management announced a shift in examination date and closure of online registration portals.

The release which stated that students must register courses before exams, added that registration is per course.

Examination attendance list will be generated only for the students who have duly registered their courses.

According to the release, students who fail to meet the deadline for registration will have to defer their admission for the session.

Some students of the University of Calabar have taken to social media with the hashtag “SayNoToHIKEInUNICAL

One of the students shared his experience at the University of Calabar.

In his words,

“I started my journey in 2019/2020 to became a student of One of the popular federal Nigeria university know as the university of Calabar, Calabar. It was an excited moment when I discovered that I was offered an admission to study in the noble university of my dream as per my status.

Things where going well during the reign of the then VC professor Zana not until the emergence of the almighty first female VC in the person of professor Florence Obi Banku who is the current VC unical”.

“Professor Florence Obi Banku promised the students of the great university of how she’s going to get rid of corrupt practices, fight for the right of the students and make the campus student friendly and enjoyable; barely few months in the office, she increase the fee from what has been to what most students can’t afford to pay.

The Obi reign has the VC has made life frustrating and miserable to alot of students. A lot of students are dropping out because of the alarming increment in fee and many other bills. Education was to be free only depending on what the called”charges”.

The students union government that was supposed to be a union has taken a new shape as a political platform than being a union.

The students can no more longer make their choice of a leader but rather selection are being made by the management and appointment is given to whoever has been chosen by them. The union that was supposed to be the voice of the students is now a threat to the students community.

The students voice’s can no more longer be heard, no more protest when things are not going well or not favouring the the students, the union dances to the management tune as per what they benefits. Just concluded election in the institution shows the level of corruption and how manipulating the system has become.

The students can’t fight for their rights because their leaders have given consent on behalf of them. Should the students gathered to demonstrate a peaceful protest, boom the environment will be filled with both military and paramilitary forces to stop the demonstration.

What is the function of the students union government in every university?

Things are getting worse every passing day. Now late payment of fees attract extra charge of 5k.fee portal are being close without consideration, uploading of result online without proper guidelines, the sites are not properly coded has student keep complaining and facing different challenges in one way or the other. Where is the education for every child right? We’re stuck in this without a voice to speak for us, we chose unical because many of us are from average background, we chose unical because it was affordable for all.

Some of The newly admitted students have let go of their admission because their expectations has been cut short. Many new and both returning students have not been able to pay their fees because of hike in school charges.

The students are dying in silence, soon education will no more longer be for every Nigerian child, soon people will be more interested in vocational training than western education.

I now call on All Nigerian students in the university of Calabar, Calabar to please say no to hike in school charges, say no to selection in student union government (SUG),say no to closing of school fee portal, etc.

I remain my humble self

Some of the screenshots gathered by school beginner can be seen below:

UNICAL Students Lament Over Hike In School Charges And Tough Financial Conditions

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2 thoughts on “UNICAL Students Lament Over Hike In School Charges And Tough Financial Conditions

  • January 9, 2022 at 4:43 PM

    Madam Florence, shey you’ll be happy to hear that it was during your reign many students dropped out of school because
    of fee hike? Well done. Since you’ve decided to be wicked and insensitive to the plight of unical students, keep it up. But one thing I know for sure is that God in heaven will surely reward every single action you take. Students are confuse and frustrated. What have we done to deserve all this?? No wahala! Keep being wick*d, the Lord God in heaven will surely judge you.

  • January 13, 2022 at 3:43 PM

    I pity the poor, won’t can’t afford this increment in school fees and school charges.
    God who put her there in Office, Will surely remove her, is she doesn’t change.


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