The University of Calabar, UNICAL Resumption Date For Freshers 2021 Announced.

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Just gained admission into UNICAL? Have you been searching for the latest news about the University of Calabar resumption date for fresh and returning students for the 2021/2022 academic session, or you may have been searching for the latest Unical News today, UNICAL Academic calendar?

If yes, then this post you are currently reading is for you as we are going to show you the University of Calabar (UNICAL) resumption date for fresh students in 2021.

Academic activities are set to resume in the University of Calabar, UNICAL as the management has announced 13th SEPTEMBER, 2021 as the latest resumption date for fresh students while registration will commence for new students from 13th September 2021 and orientation is to begin from 21st to 24th September 2021.

Meanwhile, Returning students are to resume on 4th October 2021 and commence registration from 5th to 8th October 2021.

Lectures will commence for all UNICAL students from 11th October 2021.

UNICAL Resumption Date For Freshers 2021
UNICAL Resumption Date

UNICAL Resumption Date For Freshers 2021 / Returning (Old) Students Announced

It could be recalled that the University of Calabar had earlier proposed the 14th of August, 2021 as the resumption date for all newly admitted students for the 2020/2021 academic session.

However, the said date is not FEASIBLE as exams for old students are currently ongoing and it will run through next month which is September.

On this note, all newly admitted students (Freshers) into the University of Calabar for the 2020/2021 academic session are expected to resume on the 13th SEPTEMBER, 2021 while lectures will commence from 11th October 2021.

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  1. Esther Omeje Reply

    This unical are confuse honestly other schools have started since, some are about to start second semester but unical is busy writing exams for hw many months now. Let them keep postponing the date for resumption oo to December

  2. Adaba Godwin Ekpanato Reply

    Can the acceptance fee be paid in here in makurdi in any of the commercial banks ?

  3. 16th August still the registration date for freshers since final year student are done with their exams

  4. Purity Lucky Reply

    Pls what can be done when being admitted through jamb,and school portal is showing not yet admitted ??

    • HI Purity!
      It actually means the same thing, there is absolutely no difference, it simply means you may be considered for admission if qualified for the particular course applied.

  5. This is really helpful to me
    Please can i be affected if I don’t pay my acceptance fee before school resumes??

  6. Please I was switch to another course of study from law to French and my mind in not in french I can’t cope with it can I do change of course after one years

    • Find out the possibility of changing course after gaining admission by following this link:

  7. Is it still possible for me to get a change of course form since I’ve not been admitted yet.and I think it’s because I didn’t meet up to the cut off mark for law?

  8. Good evening sir, please I want to ask when will freshers start paying school fees and hostel accommodation

    • UNICAL School fees payment portal is not yet open for freshers yet as of the time of replying to this comment.

    • Please is this date absolutely correct I want to be sure so that I won’t travel to see that things are not set for freshers arrival. Thank you in anticipation for a positive reply.

  9. Evangelist Daniel Reply

    Please when will pre degree study resume?
    I need information about pre degree resumption date 🙏🙇🙇

  10. Why don’t you post the update on the unical resumption date on the watsapp group chat???
    And do you have any idea on when the freshers list will be out

  11. Unical transfered me from mi main course to another.i accepted d offer but mi status is still ‘not admitted’… i to do antin to change d status..

  12. If Ur course is transfered bi jamb and u accept d offer is Ur admission sure?

  13. Please my sister intended to study nursing science but she had 186 point in jamb please which other course can she change to that will accept her in that point?

  14. Phavzy General Reply

    Nice work boss
    I hope you gain the kind of recognition you need because you’re doing a whole lot of work for freshers

  15. What about the full calendar showing what will happen the whole semester

  16. Pls hn long does transfer approval take for it to reflect on Ur caps…..both d course and status

  17. Achagba Goodness Reply

    Enter your comment here..Please when will those given admission this month resum school

  18. I was given a transfer consideration a month ago,i accepted and did a change of course to d new one but uptill now i avent been admitted….plss wat do i do

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