UNICAL Makes U-turn On Exams Postponement

The University of Calabar, UNICAL Makes U-turn On Exams Postponement. Full details below;

UNICAL Makes U-turn On Exams Postponement

UNICAL Makes U-turn On Exams Postponement

The Student’s Union Government led by Comr. Ugah James swung into immediate dialogue with the management and have each the following resolutions;

  1. All departmental exams would be taken as scheduled in the respective examination timetable of the departments.
  2. Each faculty scheduled for GSS exams should write only the GSS examination for those days scheduled.
  3. Any faculty, institute, or whatsoever exams scheduled on the same day with any GSS examination should be rescheduled.
  4. Lastly, all Deans and HOD’s should adhere strictly to this new directive endorsed by the vice-chancellor.


The Vice-chancellor of the University of Calabar ordered the immediate postponement of all departmental exams until futher notice.

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