This page covers all you need to know about the University Of Calabar, UNICAL GST Exams /Portal in 2021.


UNICAL GST Exams Portal Things To Know

It’s no longer news that the University of Calabar, UNICAL GST (EDC) Exams have been slated to commence on the 16th of August, 2021.

Meanwhile, GST 102 has been slated for 16th August 2021 while GST 202 is slated for 17th August, and GST 302 is scheduled for 18th August 2021 respectively.

Earlier, Students were advised to open an email account or use an old email and send it to [email protected].

This is necessary for easy communication with Students via their email addresses.

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It must be further noted that the exam is computer-based and can be written with a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone, provided the mentioned device has a front camera and access to the internet.

If you write with a device without a front camera or webcam your score will not be graded as the system will flag malpractice.

Furthermore, the exam is 50mins to answer 50 multiple choice questions but the exams will be available on the platform at least for 1 hour 30mins from the start time that will be communicated to you via the email provided.

N/B: Your result will be available once you click the finish button.

Moreso, students are advised not to attempt multiple logins on the portal.


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  1. This email does not send my email and anytime I put my email and send it ,it removes me from the email


    The email I used in jamb has an issue which I have not yet ratify it, can I add another email ?

  3. Chimaobi Ochiaka Reply

    There are some students that are yet to register or document their registration at the GST Centre. What is their fate?

  4. Pls were are we staying to write the GST exams,using our phones or laptop,will it still be in school or outside school premises


    Please what nature of Award are you talking about @mr. Ofa joseph

  6. Agwu kelvin Reply

    what is the grading system like?, i score 64% i want to know if it’s a B or C

  7. Ike Anthonia Chibuzor Reply

    Sir please, I hope there’s no other thing I’m required to do. I’ve not received a reply from email I sent to the link you gave ( [email protected]). My exam is GST 302 on 18th Aug. What’s the time coz I’ve not got any information.

  8. Ejen Shadrach Ashua Reply

    I miss the exams,I tried logging in via the link but it wasn’t working

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