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UNICAL GSS Model Past Questions And Answer
UNICAL Main Gate

UNICAL GSS First Semester Courses

  1. Anti Corruption 1
  2. Use of English 1
  3. History and Philosophy of Science
  4. French

UNICAL GSS Second Semester Courses

  1. Anti Corruption 2
  2. Use of English 2
  3. Philosophy and Logic
  4. Citizenship Education

UNICAL GSS Model Past Questions And Answer PDF

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History And Philosophy of Science

Philosophy And Logic

Citizenship Education

Anti Corruption

Use of English


Example of UNICAL GSS Past  Questions  and answer,

  1. USE OF ENGLISH QUESTIONS (GSS 102) 2011/2012
     ____ is a task which afford the listener to the opportunity of recording what he hears
    (a) note making (b) note taking (c) recording (d) translation
  2. The following except one are the strategies for note-taking (a) conclusion (b)
    abbreviations (c) headings (d) sub-headings
  3. Bad study habit include the following except (a)n study skill (b) hazy goals (c) wrong
    choice of place of study (d) energy draining activities
  4. Bad reading habits include the following except (a) finger pointing (b) regression (c) subvocalization (d) retention
  5. Effective study skills that ensure good results will derive from the following except (a)
    mental activation (b) study time /plan method (c) conducive study environment (d)
    language skills
  6. Vocabulary development includes all except one of the following (a) use of dictionary (b)
    understanding collocation (c) developing extensive reading skills (d) preparing a good
    study time table
  7. Expressive, receptive writing are types of (a) homophones (b) listening skills (c)
    vocabulary (d) homographs
  8. Words with the same spelling but with different meaning are known as (a) homographs
    (b) antonyms (c) connective (d) synonyms
  9. Listening is a complex of (a) linguistic skills (b) cognitive skills (c) social skills (d) all of the
  10. The reference relationship between a speaker/listener can be all except one of the
    following (a) interesting (b) dynamic (c) abstract (d) static


  1. B
  2. A
  3. A
  4. D
  5. D
  6. D
  7. C
  8. A
  9. D
  10. A

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