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Top Cultism Universities In Nigeria (Full List)

In this post, I’ll show you the full list of Top Cultism Universities In Nigeria, Major Reasons You Should not Join Cult In Nigeria, and TIPS To Avoid Cultism While In School In Nigeria.

Top Cultism Universities In Nigeria

Is It Good To Join Cult In School?


In cultism ”You either execute or you get executed” as the case may be.

Cultism has been one of the most foolish unsensible Causes of death to most youths in recent years.

Even those who aren’t involved in cultism have also been wasted & have suffered different causalities as with Frat men all because of the silly mentality of ”TO KILL or GET KILLED” by these so-called Strong-men (cultists).

You hear/see stories of cult guys chopping off the head of a fellow whom they might know little or nothing about.

Many a cultist who kills their victims have never met them before until the day they took their life away.

It is not surprising that even Blood Brothers of different DISCIPLINE (cult-group) may kill each other during cult battles.

An innocent person might visit a friend & get killed by frat men all because he is WITH their ENEMY.

Cultists don’t value Life.

Top Cultism Universities In Nigeria (Full List)

  1. All Federal Universities in Nigeria

  2. All State Universities in Nigeria

  3. All Private Universities in Nigeria

  4. All Polytechnics in Nigeria

  5. All college of education in Nigeria

Major Reasons You Should not Join Cult In Nigeria

  1. Your Freedom Restricted (Fear Of Movement)

  2. Academic Decline (Poor Grades)

  3. Constant Fear (You Don’t Have Peace Of Mind)

  4. Great Risk Of Contacting Diseases

  5. Unnecessary Hatred & Manslaughter

  6. Lose The Love Of Your Loved Ones

  7. You Lose God’s Favour

  8. You Get Shortlisted ”marked” By Rivals.

  9. You May Lose Your Life

TIPS To Avoid Cultism While In School In Nigeria

  1. Focus on your Books. Be a book-worm.

  2. Stay indoors at night. Forget night parties, Football center e.t.c. Many have unknowingly been lured in through this way.

  3. Avoid walking alone. Both day and night. Be cautions and alert all time.

  4. Know who you keep as friends. End any friendship with a cultist for own good. Flee from them as fast and far as you can. Don’t Even share the same room with a cultist. You never can tell what may happen at any time.

  5. Avoid going into isolated areas where little or no people roam. Like a river.- If possible please forget girlfriend/boyfriend for now. Cultist use this as a key tool in executing their traps.

  6. Be humbled in all your dealings but don’t be a fool.

  7. If you eventually encounter them (cultist) show no fear but be MEEK and speak respectfully with discretion.

  8. Put God first in your Life.

Wapping Up…

  1. Almost all cultists live in fear but they don’t show it.

  2. Many who are cultist wish to leave.

  3. To cultists Forgiveness is a sin. If you join a cult group, you don’t expect mercy from a rival cult group in a hot day.

  4. You put your FAMILY at risk whenever you join a cult group. As rivals may turn to them for revenge if they can’t get you.

Thanks for reading our post on Top Cultism Universities In Nigeria.

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