Are you interested to know Reasons Why You Are Not Offered Admission in 2021? or reasons why you are not admitted by your school of choice? or have you been asking ‘Why am I not given admission yet? What happens if JAMB doesn’t give you admission? if yes, keep reading dear as we show you few major reasons Why You May Not Gain Admission This Year and also possible Things To Do If You Don’t Gain Admission In 2021.

Of course, there are many reasons why you may not be offered admission both by school and JAMB.

No doubt, admission into Nigerian Universities, polytechnics, colleges of education is quite competitive in nature, many are called few are chosen.

Over the years, many people who pass JAMB and even exceed the school of the choice cutoff mark for their desired course end up not gaining admission and often ask why they were not offered admission.

As critical as this question appears to be, the answer lies in the little things we overlook and take for granted. For some, it is a result of ignorance or misinformation.

It’s, for this reason, we publish this post for you to learn more about few Reasons Why You Are Not Offered Admission In 2021 or why you may not be offered admission this year despite beating the JAMB cut-off mark and your school departmental cut off point.

Now back to the question.

Reasons Why You Are Not Offered Admission
Not Admission Given

Reasons Why You Are Not Offered Admission In 2021/2022

  1. Wrong UTME Subjects Combination

  2. Wrong O’level Subjects Combination

  3. Using More than Two Sittings.

  4. Low Cut-off Mark

  5. Not beating the departmental cut-off mark for your course.

  6. AGE (You are not Up to 16 years)

  7.  Examination malpractice

  8. Lack of information/Misinformation

  9. Low JAMB Score

  10. O’level Result Not Uploaded.

  11. Catchment Area Consideration

  12. Unavailability of admission Quota

Now that you know the Reasons Why You Are Not Offered Admission In 2021, what can you possibly do?

See Solution

Click the above to see what to do if you have not been offered admission this year.

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