Post UTME Area Of Concentration For Government 2022/2023 PDF (Download Syllabus)

Are you writing Post UTME exam this year? if Yes, In this blog post, I will show you the REAL Approved Post UTME Area Of Concentration For Government 2022/2023, Post UTME Area of Concentration For Government 2022/2023, Post UTME Syllabus 2022 PDF File to download Online,  or if you have been asking what Area Of Concentration for Government 2022 is all about this post is for you as it contains everything you need to know about Post UTME Area Of Concentration or Syllabus For Government 2022.

Do you really want to download Post UTME Area Of Concentration for Government 2022/2023? If you are interested in Post UTME syllabus for Government then it will please you to know that We have the real Post UTME Area Of Concentration for Government.

Post UTME Area Of Concentration For Government 2022/2023 PDF (Download Syllabus)

What Is Government Post UTME Area Of Concentration All About?

The Post UTME Area Of Concentration 2022 for Government also known as the Post UTME syllabus for Government is an outline containing topics that candidates are expected to study for their Post UTME exam or Online Aptitude test after screening and registration.

The aim of the Post UTME Examination syllabus or area of concentration in Government is to prepare the candidates for the upcoming 2022 PUTME examination.

Before we proceed, see How To Pass Post UTME and Post UTME Syllabus For All Courses.


  1. Appreciate The Meaning Of Government.

  2. Analyse The Framework And Specify The Institutions Of Government.

  3. Explain The Concept Of Citizenship And Define The Duties And Obligations Of A Citizen.

  4. Appreciate The Process Of Political Development.

  5. Evaluate The Political Development And Problems Of Governance In Nigeria.

  6. Assess The Role Of Nigeria As A Member Of The International Community And The Workings Of International Organizations.


  1. Getting the Government syllabus will enable you to know the topics you need to prepare for.

  2. You will get to know what you’re expected to know from each of the topics.

  3. The recommended texts section also outlines the list of Government books (titles, authors, and editions) you can read.

Post UTME Area Of Concentration For Government 2022/2023

Below is the approved Post UTME Syllabus For Government 2022/2023:

  1. The Structure and Workings of Nigerian Federalism

  2. Nigeria’s Foreign Policy

  3. Pre-Colonial Polities

  4. Foreign Policy and Nigeria’s Relations With the International Community

  5. International Organizations

  6. Political Parties and Party Systems

  7. The Military in Nigerian Politics

  8. Forms of Government

  9. Institutions of Government in the Post-Independence Nigeria

  10. Post – Independence Constitutions

  11. Political Ideologies

  12. Nigeria in International Organizations

  13. Principles of Democratic Government

  14. Elements of Government

  15. Imperialist Penetration

  16. Public Commissions Established by the 1979 and Subsequent Constitutions

  17. The Civil Service

  18. Constitution

  19. Pressure Groups

  20. Structures of Governance

  21. The Electoral Process

  22. Basic Concepts in Government

  23. Relations with African Countries

  24. Local Government

  25. Citizenship

  26. Arms of Government

  27. Political Development in Nigeria

  28. Public Corporations and Parastatals

  29. Systems of Governance

  30. Process of Decolonization

  31. Foreign Policy

  32. Public Opinion

  33. Processes of Legislation

  34. Political Parties and Party Politics in Post-Independence Nigeria

  35. Constitutional Development in Nigeria


  1. Post UTME Area Of Concentration 2022
  2. How To Pass Post UTME
  3. Post UTME WhatsApp Group Link 
  4. FULOKOJA Post UTME Form 
  5. BOSU Post UTME Form
  6. BOSU Post UTME Form
  7. EDSU Post UTME Form
  8. LASUED Post UTME Form 
  9. TASUED Post UTME Form 
  10. OSUSTECH Post UTME Form
  11. SLU Post UTME Form
  12. FUAM Post UTME Form
  13. AFIT Post UTME Form
  14. NPA Post UTME Form
  15. FUGUS Post UTME Form 
  16. FUDMA Post UTME Form
  17. FUPRE Post UTME Form
  18. FUBK Post UTME Form
  19. FUKASHERE Post UTME Form
  20. FUWUKARI Post UTME Form 
  21. UNICAL Post UTME Form
  22. UNIZIK Post UTME Form
  23. IMSU Post UTME Form
  24. UNILAG Post UTME Form
  25. ABU Post UTME Form
  26. UNIMAID Post UTME Form
  27. UNICROSS Post UTME Form 
  28. UNIUYO Post UTME Form 
  29. UNIBEN Post UTME Form
  30. EKSU Post UTME Form
  31. UNN Post UTME Form
  32. UNIMAID Post UTME Form
  33. UNIABUJA Post UTME Form 
  34. ATBU Post UTME Form
  35. BUK Post UTME Form
  36. FUGASHUA Post UTME Form 
  37. FUTA Post UTME Form
  38. FUTMINNA Post UTME Form
  39. FUTO Post UTME Form
  40. FUD Post UTME Form
  41. FULAFIA Post UTME Form
  42. FUNAI Post UTME Form
  43. FUOTUOKE Post UTME Form
  44. FUOYE Post UTME Form 
  45. MAUTECH Post UTME Form
  46. OAU Post UTME Form
  47. FUNAAB Post UTME Form
  48. UI Post UTME Form
  49. UNILORIN Post UTME Form
  50. UNIPORT Post UTME Form
  51. UDUSOK Post UTME Form
  52. ABSU Post UTME Form
  53. ADSU Post UTME Form
  54. AAUA Post UTME Form
  55. AKSU Post UTME Form
  56. AAU Post UTME Form
  57. COOU Post UTME Form
  58. BASUG Post UTME Form
  59. BSUM Post UTME Form
  60. YSU Post UTME Form
  62. DELSU Post UTME Form
  63. EBSU Post UTME Form
  64. EKSU Post UTME Form
  65. ESUT Post UTME Form
  66. GSU Post UTME Form 
  67. IBBU Post UTME Form
  68. IAUE Post UTME Form
  69. IMSU Post UTME Form
  70. SLU Post UTME Form
  71. KASU Post UTME Form
  72. KUST Post UTME Form
  73. KSUSTA Post UTME Form
  74. KSU Post UTME Form
  75. KWASU Post UTME Form
  76. LAUTECH Post UTME Form
  77. RSUST Post UTME Form
  78. OOU Post UTME Form
  79. LASU Post UTME Form
  80. NDU Post UTME Form
  81. NSUK Post UTME Form
  82. PLASU Post UTME Form
  83. TASUED Post UTME Form 
  84. UMYU Post UTME Form 
  85. SSU Post UTME Form
  86. UNIOSUN Post UTME Form
  87. NWU Post UTME Form
  88. UNIMED Post UTME Form
  89. EDSU Post UTME Form
  90. BOSU Post UTME Form

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