Medical Courses Offered In UNILAG

What are the Medical Courses Offered In UNILAG? or have you been searching for the List of medical courses in UNILAG, UNILAG Medical Courses?

If Yes, then this post you are currently reading will benefit you as we are going to show you the list of medical courses UNILAG offers.

The list of Medical courses offered by the University Of Lagos (UNILAG), Accredited Medical Courses Offered In UNILAG, Medical Science Courses In UNILAG are displayed on this page and few science courses.

Candidates who wish to apply through JAMB should click on any of the courses to see the course requirements.

We understand that many students go into Medical studies because the human body is fascinating.

Whether we are talking about information traveling at around 400 km/h along the nerves or our bodies giving off a small amount of light that our eyes cannot see, we do many amazing things without even being aware of it.

It’s easy to understand why someone would fall in love and want to discover everything there is to be known about our organs, tissues, and how we function.

That’s why Medical studies aren’t only focused on developing practical skills and working in a healthcare institution.

You can choose a Medical degree focused on research and spend your time in labs, where you can examine cells, conduct experiments, and find new ways to improve your wellness and health.

What’s even more fascinating is that as we discover more about the human organism, we realize there’s so much we do not yet know.

We don’t even know what we do not know! Can you wrap your head around that?

Medical Courses Offered In UNILAG
UNILAG Medical Courses

Medical Courses Offered In UNILAG

Below Are Medical and Few Science Courses Offered At University Of Lagos:

  1. Medicine And Surgery

  2. Dentistry And Dental Surgery

  3. Dentistry And Dental Technology

  4. Doctor Of Pharmacy

  5. Medical Biochemistry

  6. Medical Laboratory Technology / Science

  7. Anatomy

  8. Microbiology

  9. Nursing / Nursing Science

  10. Pharmacy

  11. Physiology

  12. Physiotherapy

  13. Radiography

  14. Biochemistry

Now that you know the list of medical courses offered in UNILAG, don’t forget there is love in sharing.


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