Want to know the Less Competitive Courses In Nigeria 2022/2023 To Study? Apparently, You are not the only one. In this blog post, I will show you the Less Competitive Courses In Nigeria 2022/2023 To Study and courses to easily gain admission In Nigeria. At the end of this post, you will know Less Competitive Courses and the most competitive courses to study In any higher institutions in Nigeria 2022/2023, that is; Federal, State, and Private Universities respectively.

What is the easiest course to study in Nigeria University? Lesser Courses In Nigeria? I’ve listed the most Less Competitive Courses in Nigeria to consider before applying.

But before then, it’s of tremendous importance to know that;

Currently, Admission into the Nigerian Universities is VERY COMPETITIVE.

Gaining admission into Nigeria hasn’t been an easy ride. It won’t be any easier even in the next 50 years.

Furthermore, I’ve highlighted some of the courses you can opt for and easily be considered for admission into any school in Nigeria.

These courses are less competitive not because there are NOT GOOD COURSES, but because Nigerian Universities usually RECEIVED FEW APPLICATIONS Every admission year.

So there don’t have many applicants each year. That makes them LESS COMPETITIVE.

Before we proceed, see competitive Courses In Nigeria 2022/2023.

Less Competitive Courses In Nigeria 2022/2023 To Study And Easily Gain Admission

Less Competitive Courses In Nigeria 2022/2023 To Study And Easily Gain Admission

Courses to easily Gain Admission In Nigeria:

  1. Sociology

  2. Zoology

  3. Fisheries

  4. Agricultural Economics And Extension

  5. Library And Information Science

  6. Physics

  7. Primary And Elementary Education

  8. Agriculture

  9. Biology

  10. Education And English Language

  11. Philosophy

  12. Animal Science

  13. Business Education

  14. Religious Studies

  15. Education And Political Science

  16. Education And Physics

  17. Chemistry

  18. Education And Mathematics

  19. Education And Social Studies

  20. Educational Management

  21. Botany

  22. Music

  23. Education And Biology

  24. Guidance And Counseling

  25. Marketing

  26. History

  27. Entrepreneurial Studies

  28. Pure And Industrial Chemistry

  29. Applied Chemistry

  30. Mathematics

  31. Industrial Physics

  32. Soil Science

  33. Education And Chemistry

  34. Education And Computer Science

  35. Environmental Management Technology

  36. Forestry And Wildlife Management

  37. Agricultural Science And Education

  38. Linguistics / Igbo

  39. Education And Igbo

  40. Crop Science And Horticulture

  41. Urban And Regional Planning

  42. Fisheries And Aquaculture

  43. Human Kinetics

  44. Education And Integrated Science

  45. Agricultural Technology

  46. Igbo

  47. Statistics

  48. Education And Economics

  49. English Language

  50. Home Economics, etc.

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