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JAMB Recommended Textbooks For Economics 2022

Are you searching for JAMB Recommended Textbooks For Economics 2022? JAMB Recommended books For Economics, Best Economics Textbook For JAMB?

JAMB Recommended Textbooks For Economics PDF? or have you been asking; What Is the Recommended Book for Economics 2022? JAMB Recommended Textbooks for Economics.

If Yes, then this post you are currently reading will benefit you as we are going to show you the JAMB Recommended Textbooks for Economics 2022/2023.

The Economics Recommended books are not compulsory, but are additional reading material should you wish to gain a deeper understanding of the unit.

JAMB Recommended Textbooks For Economics 2022
JAMB Recommended books For Economics

JAMB Recommended Textbooks For Economics 2022

  1. Aderinto, A.A et al (1996) Economics: Exam Focus, Ibadan: University Press Plc.

  2. Black, J. (1997) Oxford Dictionary of Economics. Oxford: Oxford University Press

  3. Eyiyere, D.O. (1980) Economics Made Easy, Benin City, Quality Publishers Ltd.

  4. Fajana, F et al (1999) Countdown to SSCE/JME Economics Ibadan: Evans

  5. Falodun, A.B. et al (1997) Round-up Economics, Lagos: Longman

  6. Kountsoyiannis, A. (1979) Modern Microeconomics, London: Macmillan

  7. Lipsey, R.G. (1997) An Introduction to Positive Economics, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

  8. Samuelson, P and Nordhaus, W. (1989) Economics, Singapore: McGraw-Hill

  9. Udu E and Agu G.A. (2005) New System Economics: a Senior Secondary Course, Ibadan: Africana FIRST Publishers Ltd.

  10. Wannacott and Wannacott (1979) Economics, New York: McGraw-Hill.

  11. Brownson-oton Richard (2010) What is Micro-Economics? Niky Printing and Publishing coy.


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