Can I Change My Course After Gaining Admission? Can I Change My Course After Accepting? How To Do Change Of Course After Admission.

How Can I Change My Course? Can I Change My Course In 200 Level? Can I Change My Course After 1st Year?

How To Change UNI Course Before Starting? Can I Change My Course After Getting Admission? Can I Change My Course In Second Semester?

Can I Change My Course After Admission To The University? Can I Change My Course After Admission To College?

If Yes, then this post you are currently reading will benefit you.

I will be providing answers to the above questions.

You’ve decided your university course isn’t right for you, and you’ve found another one you like, but how do you go about changing to the new course?

Is Change of course after admission, possible?

After being offered a course at a university few students might want to consider changing their offered courses.

Is this possible? And if YES, what are the procedure involved?

How To Change Course After Gaining Admission
Change Course After Gaining Admission

Can I Change My Course After Gaining Admission?

The Answer is YES.

You can Change course after gaining admission but there are few things to put into consideration.

Changing course after gaining admission, not only can it be extremely difficult and time-consuming, often you will have to take some time out before commencing your new course, and sometimes you won’t be able to get onto your course of choice at all.

Can I Change My Course After Accepting?

The Answer is YES.

You can Change course after gaining admission but there are few things to put into consideration.

Can I Change My Course In 200 Level?

The Answer is YES.

You can Change course after gaining admission but there are few things to put into consideration.

Can I Change My Course After 1st Year?

The Answer is YES.

You can Change course after gaining admission but there are few things to put into consideration.

However, if you’re really unhappy in your current course, switching courses can help you achieve more, and help you towards your career aspirations.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about changing courses after gaining admission into Nigerian University.

What to Consider Before Changing Course After Gaining Admission

Once you know that changing university course is the right choice for you, bear in mind that there are several practical aspects you need to consider before you make a move.

Firstly, ask yourself why you want to change to this course.

Be brutally honest about your reasoning.

There’s no guarantee you will enjoy this new course better than the first one.

And sometimes there is a lot of time and money at risk if you make the wrong decision.

If you’re changing course in order to get onto a more competitive course, I am sorry, but this probably may not work.

Universities are well aware of students attempting this, and well, more than likely, reject your application straight away.

It can easily work if you are changing from an accredited course to an unaccredited course which is not advisable.

See Why You Should Not Study An Unaccredited Course.

Please be informed that we don’t advise anyone to study a course that isn’t accredited.

That is, not recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

Secondly, be aware that if you don’t meet the basic entry requirements for the course you want to change to, unfortunately, it’s unlikely the course will accept you.

If, after considering all of this, you are still set on changing courses, read on to find out how.

Changing Course After Getting Admission? How Possible?

Firstly, Why do you want to switch to a new course?

You’ll need to give your reasons and show you’re taking your studies seriously.

Can you change the modules on your current course?

This will depend on which modules you’d like to change, as there will be a number of mandatory modules you need to complete to gain your qualification.

You might be able to change to other modules, but if a module is oversubscribed, you may not be able to.

Is there a course in a similar subject, or in the same department, you want to transfer to?

Or are you interested in completely different courses?

Do your research before you speak to your tutor or department office, so you know what might be available and what you’re interested in.

If you’re able to transfer to a new course, you may need to catch up on the work you’ve missed for the course you transfer to.

Sometimes, you may be able to transfer any course credits you’ve already gained, but if the course you want to transfer to is very different, this may not be possible, and you may need to start the new course at the very beginning.

This could mean another year of tuition fees, accommodation, and other expenses.

Transferring to a different course at the same university or college It may be possible to transfer to a different course at the same university or college.

You’ll need to research an alternative course, and find answers to the following questions:

Are there spaces on the new course or department?

If there aren’t, are there other related courses you might want to consider transferring to?

Try to find out more about the courses offered in the department you’re interested in.

Do you meet the entry requirements for the course you want to transfer to?

Even if you’ve already completed some study at the university, there may also be some specific subject knowledge requirements you’ll need to meet (such as an O’level in a certain subject).

Would the departments involved agree to you transferring?

You’ll need to discuss your new course choice with the course tutor (Academic Adviser) to make sure it’s appropriate for you.

In some cases, You may also need to attend a formal interview.

When Can You Transfer?

Some universities and colleges allow students to switch their courses in the first year, but you may have to wait until the next academic year depending on your institution.

It’s possible to change your course after completing 100 level to 200 level at your university.

Many universities allow this in certain conditions.

A candidate seeking to change course while going to 200 level must have a PREDETERMINED PASS MARK AS A PREREQUISITE (CGPA).

If you meet up with this point while at the end of your 100 level, you won’t be denied the chance to change the course.

If however, you’ll be left with no other choice than to continue with your current course.

In Conclusion;

I always advised my candidates if after several attempts to switch from a particular course to another and it doesn’t work, obtain a JAMB for another academic session.

The years don’t really matter to me, the reason being that if you are scared to start a 4-year course because you are 20+ and by the time you finish you will be 30+.

Whether you take the course or not, in 4 years you will still be 30.

so why not be 30+ doing something you love?

Life has no timeline, Do What you love, what you have passion for, not just accepting any course because you want to enter school.

If you still have any questions or need assistance in anything don’t hesitate to comment below.

We have an education consultant ready to guide you.

Thanks for reading our post on How To Change Course After Gaining Admission.

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    • once you are done with the whole process, you will be issued a letter of acceptance after which admission letter will be processed for you via JAMB CAPS.

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    • Dear waliyat, kindly contact me via whatsapp (08164595198) i will give you guidelines on how to book a call so as for us to discuss. thank you

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