The National University Commission has approved 17 academic programmes for Atiba University. Check out below to see Atiba University New Accredited Courses in 2021.

Atiba University New Accredited Courses
Atiba University

Atiba University New Accredited Courses in 2021

The accredited programmes include:

  1. Nursing Science

  2. Medical Laboratory Science

  3. Microbiology

  4. Biochemistry

  5. Computer Science

  6. Physics

  7. Chemistry

  8. Mathematics

  9. Accounting

  10. Banking & Finance

  11. Economics

  12. Business Administration

  13. Sociology

  14. Political Science

  15. Criminology & Security Studies

  16. Psychology

  17. English Language


  1. Requirements To Study Nursing Science In Atiba University
  2. Requirements To Study Medical Laboratory Science In Atiba University
  3. Requirements To Study Economics In Atiba University
  4. Requirements To Study Political Science In Atiba University
  5. Requirements To Study Computer Science In Atiba University
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