In this post, I’ll show you EXACTLY all you need to know about Admitted On JAMB CAPS BUT NOT On School Portal also reasons why you are Admitted On JAMB CAPS BUT NOT On School Portal or let’s say you have been offered admission on your school website and not admitted on JAMB CAPS.

Having you been asking any of the below questions?

JAMB Gave Me Admission But School Has Not Why? School Gave Me Admission But JAMB Has Not Why? Why am Not Admitted On JAMB Portal, Why have Jamb given me admission but school has not? Admitted On School Website But Not Admitted On JAMB, Is it good to get admission on JAMB website but not yet on the school website?.


Before I answer all the questions above, let’s quickly look at the difference between JAMB and school admission in 2021/2022.

Were you offered admission on JAMB CAPS portal but you are not seeing the admission on the school portal/website? Or were you offered admission on the school website/portal but on checking JAMB CAPS portal, you are still seeing “Sorry No Admission Is Given Yet”?.

If you are facing any of the situations above then continue reading this post as we have provided you an answer that will clarify your doubts.

Admitted On JAMB CAPS BUT NOT On School Portal

Difference Between JAMB Admission and School Admission

As you can see, there is really absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between JAMB ADMISSION and SCHOOL ADMISSION.

However, a candidate must be offered admission by both JAMB and the school for such a candidate to be able to print an Admission letter, Pay acceptance fee, and register as a bonafide student of any school.

Once JAMB has given you admission your name will appear on JAMB Matriculation list, institution matriculation list, and your school website.

See How to Check JAMB matriculation list.

Is It Good To Get Admission On JAMB Website But Not Yet On The School Website?.

YES! It’s good but requires your patient.

The truth is that there is NOTHING WRONG with that.

Keeping reading as I show why you Admitted On JAMB CAPS BUT NOT On School Portal.

Why You Are Admitted On JAMB CAPS BUT NOT On School Portal (Website)

If you are offered admission by JAMB  and not by your school of choice there’s a 100% guarantee that you will be admitted by your school, all you need to do is to give it time for your school to upload names of qualified candidates sent to JAMB on the school website.

Once that is done and the portal updated you do be able to print your school admission letter or see your name on the school website.

The truth is that Most schools will wait for JAMB to upload names to CAPS and allow enough time for candidates to accept admissions before they will upload the same to their portals and update it.

Hence, if you find yourselves in this situation where JAMB has already given you admission but the school is still delaying, don’t worry.

As far as your name is on the JAMB matriculation list which is one of the best methods of verifying if your admission is REAL or FAKE.

In other words, JAMB has given you admission and the school has also uploaded an admission list for candidates to check on the portal.

Others have seen theirs both on the JAMB and school portal but you couldn’t see yours on the school’s portal.

To resolve this issue, you will need to be patient for a while for ICT to complete uploading to the school portal.

If after rechecking for a few days, the problem persists, kindly visit the school ICT or admission office to report this.

It must be further noted that sometimes it may take up to 3 weeks, 1 month, 2 months for one name to reflect on the school portal.

If you see your name on the school website and not admitted or admission not given on the JAMB portal.

The reason may be due to deficiency in O’level Results or you are unable to check JAMB CAPS correctly, etc.

See Reasons Why You Are Not Offered Admission In 2021.

All you need do is to re-upload your O’level results and check back later.

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